Brown Sugar Syrups

Concentrated Brown Sugar Syrups

Rich aroma of brown sugar, enriches in every aspects.

Volume: 760 mL

Dingfongfood’s brown sugar syrup is a rich, velvety sweetness that elevates any dish. Made with only the finest ingredients, this syrup has a perfectly balanced blend of molasses and sugar, resulting in a deep, caramel flavor with just the right amount of smoky sweetness. Whether you’re drizzling it over pancakes, swirling it into your coffee, or baking it into your favorite desserts, Dingfongfood’s brown sugar syrup is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its versatility and exceptional taste make it a must-have for anyone who loves to experiment with new and exciting flavors.

Storage Recommendations:

  1.  Avoid direct sunlight, keep in cool and dry place
  2.  After opened, please use it as quick as possible
  3. Do not use with unsanitized equipments
  4. If there is any foreign object within the bottle/package please contact the factory immidiately

Produced by : Ding Fong Food Co.,Ltd

Certified by GHPs , HACCP and ISO 9001-2015 for production of FRUIT SQUASH from BSI group Thailand