Blue Hawaii Squash 760 mL

Concentrated Blue Hawaii Squash

Get ready to take your drinks to the next level with Dingfongfood’s Blue Hawaii fruit squash. Inspired by the tropical flavors of Piña Colada, this unique blend combines light rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and lemon juice to create a juicy and sweet orange flavor. Perfect for dilution in your favorite cocktails, this fruit squash will transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise with just a splash. The beautiful blue color adds a touch of fun and excitement to any drink, making it the perfect ingredient for special occasions or just a relaxing evening at home. So why not add a touch of the tropics to your glass with Dingfongfood’s Blue Hawaii fruit squash today!

Volume: 760 mL

Storage Recommendations:

  1.  Avoid direct sunlight, keep in cool and dry place
  2.  After opened, please use it as quick as possible
  3.  Do not use with unsanitized equipments
  4. If there is any foreign object within the bottle/package please contact the factory immidiately

Produced and distributed by : Ding Fong Food Co.,Ltd

Certified by GHPs , HACCP and ISO 9001-2015 for production of FRUIT SQUASH from BSI group Thailand