Our Story

Ding Fong Foods Co., ltd team has been in Food and beverage industry for more than 20 years combined. Our R&D team has continuously focused on Research and Development of food products to ensure our products blended well with the changing of consumer modern lifestyle and to ensure our products will be safe for people. We also aim to develop products that can compete in the highly competitive world market where the main manufactures include Japan, USA, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and others from various part of the globe.

Food development in the world market has evolved drastically. Our company is spending our valuable resources to focus on developing food & beverage that are safe to consume such attempt leads us to develop allergic free products or non-gene-modification foods. Organic foods have been developed for numbers of years. They include non-preservative foods, no artificial flavor, and no chemical substance, etc. Our R&D team will continue our research and publish those useful findings to public.

Ding Fong Foods Co., Ltd realizes how important to produce safe and useful products for consumers, our R&D team strives its best effort to continuously researches and develops to keep Ding Fong’s products in the forefront of market and in the consumers’ top of minds. Our effort will continue to keep Ding Fong Brand, the brand that consumer will always trust