Our Culture

Our Culture

D – Determined

We as DFF, focused on determination, disciplinary, and responsibility everyone. We believe that the aforementioned factors help us strengthen our internal and external cooperation and productivity to provide the best services and products to our beloved customers.

I – Integrity

Integrity is one of the most crucial cultures for DFF to integrate as ONE. The concept of honesty, devotion to the company, and showing genuineness towards the company by acting in good faith for the best interest or to best represent the company is always appreciated and expected from every individual. 

N – Never stop learning

Employees of DFF are nurtured to have the habits of taking initiation to continuously develop and improve themselves not only to be better at their work but also to become more skillful and versatile. 

G – Grow professional

We consider everyday as a new learning experience that would make us become more professional as we move forward. On top of the firsthand experiences, the company also take educational learning from the experts to further enhance overall capabilities and the working system to be more compatible for the modern era.

F – Family

Our company keep close relationship between one another across the whole organization not only to build a strong bond within the company but also to support one another and work together harmoniously. 

O – Open-Minded

Our company sees voicing out and listening as key elements to organizational development for improving cohesiveness among the employees. Nonetheless, being able to express, support, and listen are crucial to effectively solve the conflicts and problems and to get everyone on the same page. 

N – Nice

Being nice for us is not just about the attitudes or actions but also the way each person thinks and treats others. Our company values fair and equal, empathy, respect, and trust. Regardless of positions, nationalities, or ages everyone is expected to receive the kindness as well as to give back in return.

G – Generosity

We believe in doing greater goods within and outside the organization. Generosity can make the working environment and atmosphere more positive for employees whilst we also look beyond the organization and give back to the community.